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Today, green building is influencing the entire building industry. Pilot has the skills for assisting clients to gain the most from new materials, methods and technologies.

Where to Start: Evaluation and Feasibility

Each building situation is unique. Pilot recommends that owners start with a LEED evaluation of their building or project. We can quickly answer questions such as:

What are the most appropriate LEED goals for your building?

What will it cost to implement?

What are the benefits?

These are the answers that an owner will want to consider before embarking on any program. The end result is not necessarily that every building should undergo the LEED certification process, however, we believe that all owners can benefit from many aspects of what we’ve learned about building green.

How to Proceed: Certification Strategies

If a client decides that LEED is the right approach for their property, Pilot will provide an efficient roadmap for the process, based on our LEED evaluation, and produce the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document. The OPR document sets the owner’s green building goals and priorities. LEED certification involves both design professionals and contractors. Pilot can assemble an expert project team , or support our client’s existing team.

LEED Administration

Implementing the LEED process requires knowledgeable management monitoring and documentation. Pilot ensures that the owner’s goals are met, and that their building performs as intended. As LEED administrators, we collect and/or create all documentation from initial registration to completed certification.

Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance

An important new area for green building technology focuses on existing buildings. This is an overlooked area with exciting potential. Pilot can show clients how to obtain LEED energy savings, occupant comfort, and building marketability for a minimum of new investment.

Pilot welcomes the opportunity to meet with prospective clients to discuss the details of how green building principles may benefit their property.



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Our Team

What are the benefits?

What will it cost?

Does it make sense?

Pilot answers these questions.


Energy and Water Savings

Some Pilot clients are focused on the economic potential of reducing energy and water use. We bring practical solutions to our clients’ buildings. Whether the need is for quick, low-cost recommendations, or implementation of a more comprehensive program such as Energy Star, we work closely with your actual operational needs. Effective energy usage is not only about the introduction of new technologies, but the integration of those technologies with your building operations.

Pilot goes far beyond energy audits. We take the time to understand how our clients need to use energy in order to recommend the best energy saving models. We plan the most appropriate use of HVAC, lighting, equipment and controls to best take advantage of the opportunities that each building and use allows. On more complicated projects, we can either work directly with your engineer or architect, or we can assemble a project-specific team.

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