Development Planning

Real estate and facilities development can be a complicated and risky proposition. Pilot Development’s role is to guide owners effectively and safely through this process. There is no more important component to reducing risk and achieving high performance results than engaging in early planning and feasibility analysis. Many issues, from site selection to regulatory constraints and finance, need to be considered. Effective planning and analysis is the result of owner collaboration and Pilot’s development expertise.

Feasibility studies answer two essential questions: Can the concept be achieved? Do the rewards outweigh the costs and risks? Each project’s potential and risk is unique, and deserves assessment.

Development planning builds on the feasibility analysis to produce a project business plan. This plan provides the basis for directing the work of the project team, and establishes a set of benchmarks for the development to follow to completion.

Key Elements:

The development plan is the result of many important decisions, and ultimately acts as the road map for the entire project.
Efficient Development & Reduced Risk

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